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Using iMovie to Create Your Mind Movie

What is a Mind Movie?

A mind movie is an audio-visual representation, similar to a vision board but using a computer consisting of a collection of photos and images you choose reinforced with positive affirmations and positive music make it about 3-4 minutes long – Where do I get the pictures from for the mind movies? You can use any pictures of yourself families, or even off the internet.

Do a search on google for say a house you want for example a 7 bedroom detached house with the country and area you want and click on images. You can literally search for whatever you want and wherever you want – Country side properties, beach properties, mansions, BMW, Porsche, Money, and Rolex watch…an ever ending list of items….

Once you find the image you like just click on it and choose save as – choose a name and save it into a folder you’ve already created. Tip if you hover you mouse over the image it will turn into a hand and give you the dimensions of the image you don’t want less than 500 x 500.

Finding Music for the Mind Movies

This is considered an important aspect of your mind movies as the music you want has to make you feel uplifted and positive use heavy base music for this, as this has been found to uplifting and motivational. You should be able to find plenty of music samples for you mind movies the same way you’ve found your pictures simply do a search on google for sample music or from what music you already own.

You can use any music you want, anything that makes you feel good and inspired you don’t want anything that will make you feel depressed or sad. For example when I want to train l love listening to the Rocky film theme Eye of The Tiger.

This can be done on either a Mac, iPhone or iPad, go here for Windows 10

click on or search for iMusic and you should have the window below pop-up, click the + to add a new project (note if you’ve already created a project this will be there).

Create Project

The following willing then come up, we want the movie option, so just tap “Movie”.

New Project

Now for this we need the pictures saved to the device you’re using first, if doing this on an iPhone or iPad maybe a good idea first to create an album for your mind movie. As I’ve done below.

Click select

From here you can tap select and this will select all photos within the album you’ve created.


Then click on the “Create Movie” option and you will see the notification “Creating Movie”.

Creating Movie

Once your mind movie is created you’ll similar to below. To bring up the text option click on one of the images below where you want the text for your affirmation to appear.

Next you need to add any affirmations (on mobile devices iMovie doesn’t seem to have an option to change the default colour of the text from white). As I’m a Windows user I’m not sure if this is the same for the Mac users.


The following should then appear giving you now the option to add the text you want for your affirmation.


Click on the text effect you want, this is just a case of trial to see what you prefer.

add affirmations

Click or tap the “Title Text Here” message to replace with the affirmation you would like on this picture, note you can also alter where the text appears, but you’ve only two options either “Centre” or “Lower”.

where title goes

Once you’ve entered your text just click done and the text you’ve entered will appear on the picture as you can see in the below example…

My stairs are lovely

Then it’s just a matter of repeating these steps to add affirmations to some of the other pictures. Once you’ve done this, then you can add the music. To do this simply click the “+” symbol then select the option at the bottom for audio.


From there you can select songs at the bottom as below.

Selecting audio

Depending on what you have on your device, you’ll see a list of songs or just one like I have here. Click on the song you want.

Rocky Music

To bring up the option to “USE”.

Select use

This will then import your music and you can test this by pressing play in the preview window.

Audio added to Mind movie

Click “Done” then the below window will pop-up.

Click share

And the last step is to convert to a video select the share option at the bottom. The middle option with the up arrow in it.

Save Video

This should bring up the option to “Save Video” as above, tap this and you’ll be present with the below:

Choose an export size

Select what option you want from list, then iMovie should then start converting and save the file to you photos.

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