Nuns in Nepal have a deadly secret

Have you ever watched the animated film Kung Fu Panda?

If you haven’t then I highly recommend you watched it…a blooming brilliant film.

But I tell you this, Kung Fu Panda has nothing on these nuns.

When we think of nuns we don’t think of them being deadly ninjas…but these nuns in Nepal have a deadly secret. 

Kung fu panda eat your heart out Nuns in Nepal have a deadly secret

These woman train with various lethal weapons, (YOU certainly wouldn’t want to mess with one of these nuns.) Breaking bricks with their bare hands. Teaching self-defence to the local woman while also teaching about woman’s rights and have also protested against the human trafficking of women and girls.

What an inspiration…

When the earthquake of 2015 struck Kathmandu, these nuns helped by delivering supplies to the hard-to-reach villages. 

The Kung Fu nuns started their training in 2008 after his holiness Gyalwang Drukpa spiritual leader of the Drukpa lineage hired masters to teach the nuns to help boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Nuns in Nepal have a deadly secret

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