About Me

Hi I’m Dan.


Thank you for dropping by Best Thoughts For Success.

I have been interested in how the human mind works since being at school starting with learning about human memory and how this can be improved with practice.

From there I learned about NLP which I first learned about during a very low point in my life, suffering from anxiety and panic attacks I stumbled across one of Tony Robinson’s books Unlimited Power.

With the use of this book and the techniques in this book I managed to overcome 4 years of anxiety and panic attacks. NEVER to have a single panic attack or anxiety again.

From this experience, I learned more about how to use my own thoughts to work for me rather than against me. My hope with creating this site is that you’ll find something that will help you overcome maybe some mental block that’s stopping you achieving a goal or accomplishment.

By sharing what I’ve found has worked for me and just as important also what hasn’t worked for me.

Thanks again for stopping by 🙂