Our house was like a light show

A few years ago now, when my daughter was about 3 years old we moved into a house and all seemed fine.

But then…

…It started! My 3-year-old daughter started talking to her friends, nothing strange about that you might think?

Well you might think so, except these friends were invisible, as parents do, we thought “she’s just got an active imagination.” Then the NOISES started, when we were downstairs noises started coming from upstairs like furniture being dragged along the floors and the banging.

Startled by the noise and saying to my wife “What the fu*ck was that?

Going upstairs I couldn’t see anything obvious, no furniture had been moved and everything seemed to be as we left it.

Puzzled I said to my wife when I went back downstairs “do you think it was the neighbours?”

A few days later we were out at a friend’s till quite late, we came back home that night and all seemed ok. The next morning my wife was talking to the neighbours and they asked: “what was going off at our house?”

What do you mean? My wife asked.

John one of our next-door neighbours said: “all the lights in your house were flashing on and off and there was loads of loading banging coming from your house.”

Well as you can imagine that just freaked my wife out. And even more so when other neighbours said that there were shadows at the front upstairs window.

Ghost or spirits

When my wife told me this, shivers just went through me.

The next day my wife spoke with a local vicar and he agreed to come out to the house, as soon as he came into the house, he said he could feel a presence of two young children that had died a long time ago in our house.

And that our 3-year-old daughter had a connection to these two spirit girls. And that the doorway was the top of our stairs, talk about giving you the heebie-jeebies.

(You see our daughter started misbehaving a lot and saying some strange things which she said her new friends either told her to say or do.)

The vicar gave the house a blessing but warned that things could actually get worse from this…well we didn’t stay long after this I can tell you that. After we left our daughter’s behaviour completely changed to her normal self.

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