Manifesting Money

Finding it a struggle to manifest?

Not so long ago I had the exact same problem, I was thousands of dollars in debt and I started focusing on not being in debt… and you know what happened?

Instead of getting what I wanted, my debt GREW – Yep that’s right.

In debt

My Debt Spiraled

I was visualizing every day, twice a day that I was out of debt, I created a goal of how much I was to pay each month for my debts. And I paid that amount, I was solely focused on this. But even though I was doing this my debts still gradually increased more and more.

I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong, I started to doubt if the Law Of Attraction really worked. I was feeling down with all the debt I had acquired, but I kept with it, then I came across an interesting article on the human mind about something called the Reticular Activating System or RAS for short.

You may be wondering “what’s this got to do with the Law Of Attraction?”

Keep reading you’re about to find out…

What RAS is

RAS is a bundle of nerves at the brain stem that filters out unnecessary information. You know when you’re looking for a specific thing, such as a specific module and colour of a car and everywhere you look you see that very colour and model car. That’s your reticular activating system at work.

Now here’s where it gets interesting, RAS acts as a filter highlighting anything you put your FOCUS on. RAS will reject or ignore anything unrelated to your focus. That’s when I had an aha moment.  I’d been focusing on getting out of debt, and because my mind was focused on the debt, at a subconscious level that’s what precisely what I got MORE DEBT.

RAS filters out information you receive through your five senses, allowing only the information that relates to your beliefs and interests to come into your conscious awareness. This prevents your mind from being overwhelmed with information.

I had been sending out to the universe that I wanted more debt and that’s precisely what I got.

What i learned

Learning this I decided to try again using the Law of Attraction to get debt free, this time I wrote the exact amount I wanted to be free from and the date when I wanted this to be cleared. Then I visualized twice a day how good it felt to be debt free and having more money as a result.

And within less than a year I was debt free.

debt free

So weather you believe in the Law of Attraction or you’re unsure, there is no doubt our thoughts have the potential to create a whole new life for ourselves, as long as it’s backed with faith that what you’re doing is going to work.

I came across this article and thought it may be of help to you if you’re struggling with manifesting.

Keep your vibe high when ‘Nothing Seems To Be Happening’.

Another thing you could try doing if your struggling with manifesting and also find it hard to visualize is to create a Mind Movie, a mind movie is a collection of photos that you add together to make a short 3-4 minute movies along with inspiring music and affirmations then once you done this you watch your mind movie a few times a day, it’s a great way to help with manifesting.

Check this article out here on how you can create your very own mind movie using nothing more than a mobile.

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