Total Money Magnetism – By Dr Steve G. Jones, Ed. D.

This program reveals the key elements of understanding how your own thoughts can be working against you in achieving wealth and success in your life.

Using revolutionary techniques to reprogram your mind from a poor mentality to a success mentality. The number one thing holding back right now is your subconscious mind with this course material you’ll be reprogramming your mind with a success mentality even if you have a poor mentality right now…

This product comes complete with a 201-page pdf book, including versions for Kindle and iBooks, and audio edition as well. So you can listen instead of reading if you prefer.

It includes three great bonuses including the mp3s bonus “Your Platinum Millionaire Mind”, “The 3 Fastest Ways To Make Millions Online video you can watch on your computer, and “The Millionaire Mindset Audio Winter mp3.